"Neuroplasticity and Movement" For the last 15 years, Ms. Leoffler has been interested in research involving studies of the brain and movement. The field of neuroscience is rich with potent examples of how our participation with attention and dynamic engagement of our senses in movement create shifts in the structure of the more in Val's reading list "On Neuroplasticity and Movement" See About Val



Living Continuum: Summer/Fall 2014 Offerings

Continuum Movement
Explorations with Val Leoffler

Certified Trager practitioner, Nationally Certified NCBTMB massage practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist

Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator

Join me as we nourish, challenge, rest into and receive support from the full web of life's mysterious forces: the delicate tender fragile quivers to that potent persistent ever changing strength that grows amongst us

exerciseAs we breathe, elongate, suspend & soar, we inquire about what it means to be a human body in these times. Movement is life, life is movement. From the tiniest cellular quiverings in our organs to the larger dynamic expressions of fascia, bone & psyche: we explore these elemental commonalities and mysteries with the global & beyond.

Come rest, breathe, arch, rediscover your waves & fluid origins: move, be moved, touch, be touched, explore your fluidity and fire in a supportive environment. Allow your animal body the embrace of: Organic movement that listens, explores and challenges while creating core strength & flexibility intelligently support renewal, self-care and expression: Awaken to the fullness of what it means to be alive!

3 Continuum classes per week:SEE CLASS SCHEDULE  for dates/times

Weaving Continuum, yoga & fluid healing

arts we explore fluidity around the spine, breath & joint spaces with wave motion, gentle & expansive movements that enliven, increase mobility & self- discovery! 





All Continuum Classes held in spacious  Westside Santa Cruz InnerDance studio fully equipped with Exploreboards, small & large physioballs, rollers, chairs, ties, pelvic swing, cushions & other props for optional use & comfort.

Appropriate for all beings, beginners to advanced yoginis, bodyworkers,healing arts professionals, meditators, dancers, anyone interested in personal exploration, healing and learning.

Fusion Movement:

exerciseEmbodied sweat, stretch & strengthen spiral, arc, curve: faster paced dynamic movement through space, agility, breath & fluidity, core alignment & play! Held at Swift St. Studio.